Help Desk Support Line: (605) 725-7168

Hours Available: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Friday

The ASD Helpdesk has now been moved to the cloud meaning this will allow staff to create, update, and check the status of tickets from home. However, the website has changed to the following:

If you have any personal bookmarks created to the old address, a new bookmark will need to be created. The address on the asdintraweb site has been updated to reflect the new address.

All requests for technology assistance should be processed through the helpdesk. This includes Infinite Campus questions/changes, account requests/changes, etc. Please do not send individual emails to the technicians for assistance. Remember, the helpdesk has multiple people monitoring it to take care of requests where the personal email does not. If the person that was emailed is not available that day, it will take longer to process the request.

  1. A major change with this move is that staff will no longer be able to email or to create a ticket. All staff must login to the site above to create tickets. Once an email response regarding a created ticket is received, the staff will be able to add notes to the ticket via the email or logging back into the helpdesk.

  2. If a staff member does not have a helpdesk account created, they will be able to create an account using the New Account link on the helpdesk login page.

  3. If a staff member has forgotten their password for their helpdesk account, they will be able to use the Forgot Password link on the helpdesk login page.

  4. For printing requests, there is a Warehouse request type with a Printing Request subtype. The document to be printed needs to be attached to the ticket. There is a 100 MB file limit so if the document is larger than that, the document may need to be split into multiple documents. No documents should be sent via email directly to Paul or through school mail.

  5. All staff should login to their helpdesk account periodically to check the History tab for current status of tickets.

  6. All staff should verify that the information in the Profile tab is correct. For example, if the staff member transferred to another building over the summer, please update the Location field so that tickets are assigned properly.

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