Dear Aberdeen School District Families,

We hope you are finding ways to enjoy your summer break. While the weather has certainly provided a nice change of pace, we wanted you to know that the Aberdeen School District has been busily preparing for what school might look like in the fall as we prioritize your child’s ongoing education with the health and safety of all students, staff, and the greater community. A task force of over 70 individuals has been meeting to discuss ways to address instruction, facilities, and daily procedures. We hope to have these plans completed by mid-July so families have an understanding of how schools will safely proceed.

The health and safety of all will always be our highest priority. Experts continue to emphasize the need for social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. This means school settings and routines will undergo some changes in the fall to reduce exposure. Some examples could include more cleaning and safety equipment, such as health screens, rearranging classrooms, and adding specific time slots for handwashing.
One of the challenges with planning, is the guidance for schools is constantly changing. As we continue to move forward, it will be very important for schools and families to be vigilant and flexible in case it becomes necessary, at a moment’s notice, to change the way we deliver instruction.

At this time, we DO intend to be back in the classroom, as scheduled, on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. District leaders are preparing for three different educational delivery models that could occur throughout the next school year:

  •  Traditional Delivery – teachers and students maintain a normal daily schedule in classrooms, with modifications to space and procedures
  •  Modified Delivery – a variety of educational models may be used in response to an increase number of COVID-19 cases
  • Remote Delivery – instruction is provided off-campus through technology or learning packets

The District will work with students and families who don’t feel the current circumstances will allow for a safe return to school in the fall. Additional details regarding the option to continue remote learning at home will be made available as soon as the Back to School plan has been completed in July.

Health and safety information will dictate the model that will be used to continue ongoing instruction. Please Note: There may be instances where MOST schools are using one delivery model listed above, but some schools are using a different delivery model due to the need to clean facilities after a positive case of COVID-19 has been identified. This change from one model to another could happen very quickly and will be communicated to families by the school principals.

Just as families are encouraged to develop a plan for dismissal of school due to a winter storm, it is very important for each family to have a plan for when it becomes necessary for schools to use a modified schedule or close for remote learning. Please use the summer to develop your plans and inform your student(s) – relying on family, friends, and neighbors to support you, if needed.

Please know the Aberdeen School District will do its best to clearly communicate when schedule changes are needed. The health and safety of students, staff, and the community will always drive our decision-making. We have missed our students and families very much during this time and are looking forward to being back together as soon as we are safely able to do so. We are so grateful for all you have done and we look forward to continuing to partner with parents/guardians and the community during this uncertain time! We hope you have an enjoyable summer.