Surplus Sale

Coming this summer! Check back for updates.

Surplus List

A complete listing of surplus items can be obtained at the District Service Center, 1224 South Third Street. No early sales. Purchaser is responsible for loading and removal from site


Through a proactive approach to planning and maintenance the Aberdeen Public Schools Operations Department is charged with the care and management of all District owned/leased properties and equipment. The health and welfare of all students, staff and visitors is the Department's primary function.

Operations Department Repair/Maintenance Procedures:

I wanted to touch briefly on the system that the Operations Department uses to repair/maintain all of the district’s 200+ acres of land and near 1 million square feet of building space in its never ending job of providing a safe, secure and productive environment. We proudly do this so that teaching and learning is as safe, comfortable and stress free as possible.

Our department has used the MicroMain electronic work request system for the past 19 years. In that time we have completed 79,184 work orders or on average 4,168 per year or 16 work orders per work year day. These work requests are above and beyond our typical daily tasks of cleaning the buildings, mowing lawns, moving snow, setting up for concerts, etc etc ets.